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Sustainable Water Hygiene in 5 Steps: A proton-IQ® story

We have gotten to know proton-IQ® and its application possibilities but we want to paint you a picture of the path to proton-IQ®. How to find the sustainable water hygiene it provides? Let us therefore tell you a fictional story about a senior citizens' home, we call it Sun Residence, and its operator Mr. Becker.

On the outskirts of the city, in an atmosphere of tranquility, lies the senior citizens' home Sun Residence. Here, everyone finds the care they need. Mr. Becker takes pride in this because he not only cares about the residents' health but also the good reputation of the residence. Little does he know of the creeping danger that would test the resilience of his nerves and the health of the residents.

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Step 1: Suspicion

It all begins with the increasing occurrence of minor illnesses among the residents – a cough here, a fever there. At first, Mr. Becker dismisses them as inevitable ailments of old age. But with each passing day, the number of sick residents rises, and a suspicion solidifies. "There's something not right here," Mr. Becker thinks to himself, "this has never happened in Sun Residence before." Worry lines crease Mr. Becker's forehead because it can no longer be just a coincidence. Something in Sun Residence is affecting the residents' health.  

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Step 2: Search for the cause

With frayed nerves, Mr. Becker searches for the cause of the illnesses, at least he already has a suspicion. He looks at his staff's hygiene concept but can only conclude that suspicion is unfounded. His staff is not to blame here; their behavior and effort are exemplary. No, it must be something structural, infrastructural. 

Finally, in the basement, he finds the answer: the drinking water supply of the house. 

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Step 3: Problem discovery

And here, Mr. Becker indeed finds what he's looking for. Tests reveal alarming levels of Legionella bacteria in the drinking water of Sonnen-Residenz. The bacteria remained undetected for too long and now endanger the health of the residents. Fear seizes Mr. Becker's heart as he becomes aware of the seriousness of the situation. How can he protect the residents from this invisible threat in the future?

Possible Pathogens in Drinking Water

Legionella pneumophilia

Safe and clean water for everyone

Besser bekannt sind die Bakterien unter dem Überbegriff Legionellen. Sie sind in Wassersystemen weit verbreitet, können schwerwiegende Gesundheitsrisiken darstellen, insbesondere bei Personen mit geschwächtem Immunsystem, und verursachen die sogenannte Legionärskrankheit, die zu schweren Lungenentzündungen führen kann. Die Inhalierung von belasteten Wassertröpfen, insbesondere von Duschen oder Air Conditioning Systemen, kann zur Infektion führen. Legionellen lieben warmes, stehendes Wasser und überstehen viele traditionelle Desinfektionsverfahren. Um Legionellen Wachstum aktiv zu vermeiden, werden häufig thermische Desinfektionsverfahren und bauseitige Sanierung eingesetzt. 

The German RKI can provide more information here.

Escherichia Coli 

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These bacteria are typically found in the intestines of humans and animals, and the presence of E. coli in drinking water indicates fecal contamination. Some strains of E. coli produce toxins that can cause serious illnesses, such as diarrheal diseases, severe abdominal pain, and sometimes even kidney failure in humans, especially in children and the elderly. Infection occurs through the ingestion of contaminated water. 

The contamination of drinking water often occurs due to inadequate wastewater treatment. It is important to check the drinking water supply and implement effective water treatment methods to prevent outbreaks. 

The German RKI can provide more information here.


Norovirus scaled

The norovirus is highly contagious and notifiable in Germany. It can enter drinking water through fecal contamination. When drinking this water, a person can ingest the virus and may suffer from gastrointestinal inflammation. Once the virus has broken out in a person, it is transmitted from person to person. Therefore, facilities where many people are in close contact, such as nursing homes, hospitals, and schools, are particularly at risk. 

Good monitoring of drinking water and drinking water disinfection can provide security and prevention, especially in such facilities. 

The German RKI can provide more information here.

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Step 4: Short-Term Solution

With the knowledge of what Legionella can do, especially in senior residences, Herr Becker sets out to find a solution to his problem. He quickly finds one, as contamination with Legionella in drinking water is nothing new. He is pleased to have found a quick and relatively cost-effective solution with the thermal disinfection of his drinking water system. And behold, after thermal refurbishment, the Legionella levels have dropped below the limit. Herr Becker is relieved, knowing that his residents are now safe. 

But it doesn't take long before coughing and fever reappear in the Sonnen-Residenz. Herr Becker is outraged. Why has his problem returned so quickly? He starts looking for more sustainable solutions but finds nothing at first. He is confronted with exorbitant operating costs, hazardous chemicals, or structural measures. Herr Becker is on the verge of resignation.

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Step 5: Sustainable Solution

With his head buried in his hands, elbows on the desk, Herr Becker sits in his office. Then it dawns on him, he had read about a holistic solution. He looks up and calls us, and we tell him about proton-IQ®. With our innovative platform solutions and unwavering commitment to safety and sustainability, Vision Green Solutions offers the Sonnen-Residenz a beacon of hope with proton-IQ®.

In collaboration with Herr Becker, we develop a comprehensive hygiene approach for his drinking water to ensure the safety of the residents of Sonnenresidenz. After a few weeks, the once-ailing residents experience a remarkable transformation – their health is restored, their spirits lifted. Herr Becker has found a solution that provides him with sustainable water hygiene.

Sustainable Water Hygiene with proton-IQ®

Nachhaltige Wasserhygiene

Our on-site generation system provides a solution for sustainable water hygiene not only in nursing homes but in all drinking water systems. Its use is particularly beneficial in systems with fluctuating discharges, where water in the pipes may stagnate at times.

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