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The Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) contains a large number of requirements for the handling of electrical and electronic equipment. The most important ones are summarised here.

1. Separate collection of old appliances

Electrical and electronic equipment that has become waste is referred to as WEEE. Owners of WEEE must dispose of it separately from unsorted municipal waste. In particular, WEEE does not belong in household waste, but in special collection and return systems.

2. Batteries and accumulators and lamps

not applicable

3. Possibilities of returning old appliances

Shops with a sales area of at least 400 m² for electrical and electronic equipment as well as those grocery shops with a total sales area of at least 800 m² that offer electrical and electronic equipment several times a year or permanently and make it available on the market are subject to the take-back obligation. This also applies to distribution using means of distance communication if the storage and dispatch areas for EEE are at least 400 m² or the total storage and dispatch areas are at least 800 m². Distributors of distance selling who are obliged to take back electrical and electronic equipment shall, as a matter of principle, ensure take-back by providing suitable return facilities at a reasonable distance from the respective end user.

The possibility of returning an old appliance free of charge exists for distributors who are obliged to take it back, inter alia, if a new appliance of the same kind which essentially fulfils the same functions is supplied to an end user. If a new appliance is delivered to a private household, the similar WEEE may also be handed over there for collection free of charge; this applies in the case of distribution by means of distance communication to appliances of categories 1, 2 or 4 according to Article 2(1) ElektroG, namely "heat transmitters", "display screen equipment" or "large appliances" (the latter with at least one external dimension exceeding 50 centimetres). End-users are asked about their intention to return electrical and electronic equipment when they conclude a purchase contract. In addition, there is the possibility of free return at collection points of the distributors, irrespective of the purchase of a new appliance, for such waste appliances that do not exceed 25 centimetres in any external dimension, limited to three waste appliances per type of appliance.

There is no legal entitlement to free return of old proton-IQ® SECUROsystems. However, we at Vision Green Solutions GmbH are happy to offer you a return service with collection plus a flat-rate processing fee, subject to a charge.

4. Data protection notice

Old devices often contain sensitive personal data. In your own interest, please note that each end user is responsible for deleting the data on the old devices to be disposed of.

5. Meaning of the symbol "crossed-out dustbin"

durchgestrichene muelltonne vgs

The symbol of a crossed-out dustbin regularly depicted on electrical and electronic equipment indicates that the respective device is to be collected separately from unsorted municipal waste at the end of its service life.

6. Note on waste prevention

According to the provisions of Directive 2008/98/EU on waste and its implementation in the legislation of the Member States of the European Union, waste prevention measures generally take precedence over waste management measures. In the case of electrical and electronic equipment, waste prevention measures include, in particular, prolonging the service life of defective equipment by repairing it and disposing of used equipment in good working order instead of sending it for disposal. Further information can be found in the Federal Waste Avoidance Programme with the participation of the States:

Our WEEE registration number: DE 64888261

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