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Water hygiene of the future.

We deliver tailor-made solutions for industry, commerce, agriculture and utilities.

Innovative. Sustainable. Digital.

Applications and Industries

We deliver tailor-made solutions for industry, commerce, agriculture and utilities.


Poultry and pig fattening, laying hen husbandry and dairy farms.

Food and Beverages

Beverage producers, dairies, fish and meat processing.

Drinking Water

Medical facilities, hotels, residential districts, municipal drinking water systems and utilities.

Swimming Pools

Public and commercial swimming pools.


Wastewater treatment.

Hygiene as a service

The Power of Salt and Water

Hygiene Solutions: On-Demand and On-Site

Vision Green Solutions provides highly effective and non-hazardous disinfection and cleaning solutions according to your demand. The proton-IQ® SECURO series produces our eco-friendly disinfectant on-time at your location solely from salt and water.

Single source philosophy

We develop individual solution concepts for our customers to supply themselves with innovative disinfection and cleaning solutions.
These include the most innovative plant systems, flexible service packages and our self-learning analysis and control software.

Disinfection according to your needs

All relevant operation and quality parameters are recorded in real time and used for self-learning and need-based control.
Die digitale Einbindung der Anlage in die Cloud ermöglicht ortsunabhängigen Zugriff zur Sicherstellung eines störungsfreien Betriebs.

Sustainable and efficient

The exclusive use of salt and water for the production of our solutions makes them safe to handle and free of side effects for the treated product (e.g. food).
The on-site production also avoids costs and emissions caused by transport and storage.

How can we help you?

For further queries about our solutions portfolio and products please contact us.

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