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Hygiene and Safety while handling Drinking Water

Als Experten für industrielle Wasseraufbereitung, -desinfektion und Hygienelösungen bieten wir nachhaltige, ganzheitliche Konzepte.

Customer Benefits of proton-IQ®


Water Quality

Impeccable drinking water hygiene guarantees stable and safe drinking water quality.

Increased Efficiency

Highest effectiveness of the active ingredient and disinfection at low temperatures ensure energy efficiency.

Odourless and tasteless

Disinfection solutions disinfects without any odour or taste residue.

Safe to Handle

Hypochlorous acid is effective at concentrations far from hazardous areas – no special training or protective equipment required.

Improved Sustainability

On-site production, low storage and transport cost reduce the carbon footprint. Need-based production avoids any loss of active ingredient and therefore guarantees resource efficiency.

Independent of External Suppliers

Sustainable on-site production offers independence from external suppliers.

Hygiene solutions for clean drinking water

Hygiene solutions for clean drinking water

Safe and clean water for everyone

The highest purity requirements apply to the water that flows through our pipes and out of our fittings every day.

To achieve and permanently guarantee perfect drinking water quality, professional and sustainable hygiene solutions are required. Which is why, we conceptualise the unique hygiene solution for your operations together.


Some possible areas in which proton-IQ® systems are used


Some possible areas in which proton-IQ® systems are used

Drinking Water Systems

Residential Quarters

Medical Institutions


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