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Sustainable Hygiene Concepts in Animal Husbandry

Als Experten für industrielle Wasseraufbereitung, -desinfektion und Hygienelösungen bieten wir nachhaltige, ganzheitliche Konzepte.

Customer Benefits of proton-IQ®


Reduced Mortality & Medical Costs

Stable, hygienic drinking water and reduced germ pressure increase the animal’s vitality. This leads to a significant decrease in mortality and reduced medical costs.

Lower Disinfection Costs

Highest effectiveness of the active ingredient and low operating costs result in lower disinfection costs compared to conventional solutions.

Product Quality

Productivity (e.g. milk, eggs) and fattening speed increase due to improved feed conversion rate and higher vitality of animals.

Improved Sustainability

On-site production, low storage and transport cost reduce the carbon footprint. Need-based production avoids any loss of active ingredient and therefore guarantees resource efficiency.

Safe to Handle

proton-IQ® ist bereits bei geringer Konzentration hocheffektiv wirksam. Das bedeutet, weder ein gesondertes Chemikalienlager noch besondere Schulungen oder Schutzausrüstung sind nötig.

Reduced Cleaning Effort

Pipelines, drinking and feeding systems remain permanently “clean”.

Glückliche Tiere mit proton-IQ®

Hygiene solutions for happy animals

Improved Animal Health

Intensive animal husbandry brings many challenges, which is why a robust and sophisticated hygiene concept is imperative. Our proton-IQ® systems form the core of this concept, which we will develop together.

The active ingredient is produced on site from pure water and salt and fed directly into the respective application area. With our digital solution, you will always keep an eye on the parameters.

The application possibilities for proton-IQ® are diverse and include, among other things, the through water and drinking water system, the feed system, the disinfection of facilities and stables and other special applications.


Some possible areas in which proton-IQ® systems are used


Some possible areas in which proton-IQ® systems are used

Poultry fattening

Laying hen farms

Pig fattening

Diary farms

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