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7 new things, that you didn't know about proton-IQ®

Now that we know a little more about proton-IQ®, and we know what it can do and why it is sustainablewe still want to tell you more. Our disinfectant can be used diversely and sustainably, but where does it come from and what else do you not know yet? We will tell you 7 new things in this article, that we didn't yet tell you. The seventh will be a surprise...

1. Proven technology – newly innovated

Our proton-IQ® is produced on site with you, but how does it work? What is the technology behind it? The electrolysis technology, that is at the basis of our product, is not new, it was already tried and tested in the last 50 years. It was developed in the 1970s by Russian scientists, on the basis of electrochemistry. It describe the process, that a chemical redox reaction can generate electricity. In reverse by applying a certain current on a high-technology electrolysis cell a certain redox reaction will be forced to happen.

Fun Fact: Shortly after its invention the technology was used in russia's astronaut programme, to treat drinking water.

If the technology is proven, why did you never hear about it? Only recently the highly efficient materials that are needed to make the electrolysis cell viable in water treatment have been developed. Solutions like proton-IQ®, produced by the so called ECA-technology, have proven to be highly efficient, environmentally friendly and user friendly in different fields.

2. Top performer in the immune system

The highly effective active ingredient in proton-IQ® is hypochlorous acid, a weak acid with special characteristics. It not only kills bacteria, viruses and fungi in water and on surfaces, but also in the human immune system.

When an infection starts the cells in the body produce hypochlorous acid to fight bacteria and inflammations in the body to still avert the infection. The same process is started when the infection is over and the last pathogens need to be eliminated from the body. Hypochlorous acid destroys the cell walls of bacteria and viruses by oxidising the proteins and denature them. Higher cell structures, like human tissue, have protective mechanisms against weak acids and are not affected.

Another fact that shows proton-IQ® is not harmful to humans.

3. Effectivity – in no time

All disinfectants need soak time, to take full effect. The soak time varies by effectivity and pathogens, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter times are needed. proton-IQ® is highly effective and needs short soak times, although low quantities of proton-IQ® are used and needed.

proton-IQ®'s mode of action, the denaturation of cell walls, makes it impossible for bacteria and viruses to build up resistances. This fact cannot be overestimated in a world of antibiotic- and disinfectant-resistant bacteria. The use of proton-IQ® does not add to the problem of resistances.

4. Many states of use

proton-IQ® remains effective in many physical states. It can be used as ice, in water, on surfaces and in fog. But how is that relevant? We know much about it's application in water, disinfecting surfaces is self-explanatory. But why would we use it in ice or in fog?

Disinfecting ice is interesting for the food industry. It is often used for cooling fresh produce, such as fish, to keep it fresh for longer. But the cooling effect alone cannot always stop bacteria from growing. What if the ice itself has bacteria killing properties. Ice made with proton-IQ® will keep all bacteria off the fish without endangering the product quality.

proton-IQ® can be fogged in rooms that are otherwise impossible to disinfect. Some nooks and crannies are just not reachable, to disinfect all surfaces without effort proton-IQ® can be fogged. Another benefit is that the air itself is disinfected, which is beneficial to for example animals with respiratory diseases.

Whether in water, in fog, in ice or on surfaces, proton-IQ® is and remains highly effective.

5. The "untraditional chemical"

Free active chlorine. Chlorine that is free to react this other substances is a very effective disinfectant, it however carries some danger. At least before Vision Green Solutions. Normal chlorine products will have a lot of warnings on them, to ensure the right application and clothing to not endanger yourself. Not proton-IQ®.

proton-IQ® contains chlorine, but it is still not harmful. It will bring all the benefits of chlorine to the table without its dangers, which makes it completely incomparable to other chlorine containing products. It is a new product. A untraditional chemical. The concentration needed is very low and you don't even need any protective clothing to use it. It is up to 80 times more effective than normal chlorine products.

6. Future ready

The last point shows us that we produce "untraditional chemical", it is already part of the future. It is no secret that humanity has to rethink its ways. Resources need to be used cautiously and innocations need to be used to their full potential. Our solution is one of these innovations, in water treatment, in disinfection, in many areas.

With proton-IQ® cleaning processes are shorter and more efficient, some steps become completely unnecessary and can be discarded, for example thermal disinfection. Which in turn saves a lot of energy.

We are convinced that we are leading in the right direction with proton-IQ®.

7. With momentum more movement

We are not alone in our conviction that including proton-IQ® in their hygiene programme is the right choice. As of today we have had more successfull installations of a proton-IQ® SECURO plant than team members.

And this is just the beginning, we will move more.

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