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7 things proton-IQ® can do

Our integrated system series proton-IQ® SECURO produce disinfectants from water and salt, but what does that actually mean? It means that the chemical process no longer has to take place in large factories, but directly on site. And it runs safely and efficiently. Our plants only produce as much active ingredient as is needed. But what is it used for? Let us introduce you to 7 possible areas of application, but keep in mind: it is only the tip of the iceberg.  

7. Swimming Pools

As swimmers, we can swim in water that is kept hygienically clean by proton-IQ® .

The water in swimming pools is not only subject to high quality requirements, but also to daily re-contamination through visitors. It constantly undergoes a complex cleaning process, and our disinfectant based on hypochlorous acid is an important component in this process. It eliminates germs in the water quickly and safely. Due to its high efficacy, much smaller quantities of disinfectant are needed compared to conventional methods. As a bonus, we have received feedback that swimmers no longer have irritated eyes or dry skin after swimming.

6. Wastewater

proton-IQ® supports the water cycle in water treatment in an environmentally safe and hygienic way. 

A person in Germany "consumes" an average of 128 litres of water daily. This water must be treated so that it is not lost to the water cycle. And in this treatment - similar to swimming pool water purification - an important step is the elimination of bacteria. Our solution can convince by removing the bacteria quickly and safely, without having to remove the disinfectant after treatment.

5. Drinking water for livestock

The use of our solution in the drinking water system in animal husbandry improves animal welfare. 

Another area of application is in agriculture, more precisely in animal husbandry. Cleaning the animals' drinking water system with proton-IQ® has shown that chickens, pigs and cows are healthier, eat more feed and their overall vitality is increased. We are pleased that the integration of our solution increases animal welfare and incidentally also keeps the animals' drinking water system free of contamination and germs. In addition, our product is also used for stable cleanliness and can be periodically fogged in the stable. 

4. Maintenance & Remediation

proton-IQ® secures water installations and eliminates pathogens in pipes. 

If water pipes are not used regularly and are therefore not flushed sufficiently, germs can settle down and grow. This can be prevented or eliminated by good cleaning and disinfection. The additive in the pipes - after a short reaction time - can effectively eliminate germs, including legionella. This ensures safety in buildings, especially public facilities that are periodically vacant for longer periods, e.g. schools. 

3. Human Hygiene

Regardless if hands, surfaces or shoes, proton-IQ®® quickly and safely eliminates unwanted germs and pathogens. 

All the things mentioned so far sound rather technical. But it doesn't have to be complicated, it can also be much simpler, namely in personal hygiene. We have all learned, practised and carried out enough hand disinfection in recent years. This can also be done with our solution, and without alcohols and skin irritation. Whether in the food industry, in the health sector or in animal husbandry - cleanliness is a top priority everywhere. In addition, the disinfectant reliably keeps a wide variety of surfaces free of germs and viruses. It can therefore be used in many ways. 

2. Clean in Place 

Washing solution and disinfectant are produced on site from one plant and used efficiently, which keeps even complicatedprocesses clean.

Many appliances and machines are not or cannot be dismantled for cleaning. Cleaning them while they are still fully functional is called "Clean in Place" (CIP). This is similar to the complete cleaning of a coffee machine with a single cleaning tablet, but on a larger scale. Here, a combination of first a washing solution and then hot water is often used. Our systems can do even more than just produce hypochlorous acid, they also produce a washing solution. This washing solution can replace the first step of the CIP, while a mostly cold wash with our now already known disinfectant can replace the hot water step. This not only saves energy, but often also time. 

1. Drinking Water

We need safe drinking water every day and our solution makes it possible.

At the end of our small list is the basis of our daily lives: drinking water. Strict requirements are placed on the purity and quality of drinking water, not only in Germany, and with good reason. As mentioned above, a person needs up to 130 litres of drinking water a day and we rely on the water being clean. With proton-IQ® this is ensured throughout.

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