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7 reasons, why you shouldn't (yet) switch to proton-IQ® – or maybe why you should?

Let's embark on a journey together to dispel the concerns of those who may be overthinking a switch to proton-IQ®. In the vast world of innovative disinfection solutions, skepticism is often a hesitant companion, casting doubt on the efficiency of new technology. Ironically, these concerns, typically born out of ignorance, dissipate once the truth about proton-IQ® comes to light.

Why is this blogpost even necessary?

However, before diving into the details, let's take a moment to discuss why this blog post is crucial from our perspective. It's not intended to be a casual exploration of our product proton-IQ® but rather an immensely significant one. As pioneers in the field of water treatment and disinfection, we recognize that perceptions can pose formidable obstacles. Customers, potential partners, even seasoned experts might approach proton-IQ® with a certain level of skepticism.

These concerns, albeit understandable, often melt away once individuals get to know proton-IQ® on a deeper level. It is an ongoing commitment on our part to dispel misconceptions, demystify the technology, and showcase the brilliance that proton-IQ® brings to the realm of disinfection.

But now, let's dive directly into the 7 misconceptions that should not deter you from transitioning to proton-IQ®. 


1. "I don't even have a problem"

Many companies have never considered water hygiene. The water quality seems to be sufficient, and there is no apparent problem. However, this apparent contentment may hide untapped potential. It is therefore time to consider whether improved water quality could contribute to the overall enhancement of processes.

Anecdote from Practical Experience in Animal Husbandry

A poultry farmer had not considered a hygiene concept in his watering system before the implementation of proton-IQ®. After all, his animals were receiving drinking water from the municipal water supply.

Even though high-quality and clean water flowed into the water system, it did not reach the animals in a clean state. The animals themselves introduce germs into the troughs, thus contaminating the water. Additionally, inadequate flow and cleaning can lead to the formation of biofilms in the pipes. The bacteria load in the barn was correspondingly high. When proton-IQ® was applied to the water system, a positive effect on the animals quickly became apparent. They were more vital, required less medical treatment, and exhibited increased feed intake. The transition to proton-IQ® has thus set a new standard, demonstrating an effectiveness that the farmer had not thought possible before.  

proton-IQ® sets new standard, it doesn't have to solve a problem.

BrokenFaucet scaled

2. "Our current solution works fine"

We often encounter the presumed wisdom of 'We've always done it this way' or 'It still works.' Many companies stick to their current hygiene concept solely because they believe it works flawlessly or they don't know any other way. But what if there's a possibility to make the hygiene concept more efficient and cost-effective?

Even if the current solution seems to be running well, it is essential to continue evolving.

When transitioning to proton-IQ®, our solution seamlessly integrates into existing processes, enhancing capacity and ensuring a more effective, sustainable, and cost-efficient approach to hygiene. A scenario where disinfection eliminates pathogens without negatively impacting the environment is no longer just wishful thinking. A hygiene solution that truly runs smoothly, without downtime, with more production time. proton-IQ® is the evolution in the field of hygiene, aligning the concept with the highest standards of efficiency and sustainability.

proton-IQ® is an upgrade, not an alternative.

Sensitive scaled

3. "My product is sensitive to chemicals, especially chlorine"

"Chemistry" has become more and more of a bogeyman in recent years. In some respects, perhaps not entirely undeservedly so, but not all alarm bells should sound immediately at the mention of the word. In nature, chemistry determines many processes in a natural way. For example, our "form of chlorine" is essential in the immune system. Of course, there are products that should not be exposed to any biocide as they would become unusable. An example we encountered in recent weeks is fruit juice production. The natural flavors must be preserved, and the quality of the juice should not be compromised.

Hesitation is is understandable when disinfection processes are run with a chlorine-containing agent and the sold product is sensitive to chlorine. However, the beauty of proton-IQ® lies in its adaptability. Even with product sensitivity, there is still the possibility to make your process safer, more efficient, and cleaner with proton-IQ®.

To stay with the example of the fruit juice production, proton-IQ® can disinfect and keep processes clean in the background. The pipes stay clean, the surfaces too and the cleaning processes often work as well without any heat. The product – the delicious fruit juice – goes its way along the production line without coming into contact with proton-IQ®.

In another example, we were able to demonstrate that transitioning to proton-IQ® does not necessarily mean a loss of product quality even with direct product contact. Despite the bottle rinser using water treated with proton-IQ® in it's last cleaning step, we found no traces of proton-IQ® in the product.

This is possible, among other things, because proton-IQ® is up to 80 times more effective than traditional disinfectants. The active substance "hypochlorous acid" is the superhero of chlorine. The on-site in-situ production prevents the loss of the active substance that otherwise occurs with disinfectants during transport and storage. All of this allows us to work at seemingly impossible low concentrations, thus saving resources. This demonstrates the versatility of proton-IQ®.

It's not just about disinfection but about the coexistence of robust hygiene concepts and sensitivity.

Components scaled

4. "You only deliver components, right?"

This point is simply nonsensical because we take pride in our comprehensive approach to water hygiene. We don't just deliver components, even though all the necessary components for a solid hygiene concept are, of course, included; we provide a holistic solution. A hygiene concept that we plan, implement, and execute in collaboration with our customers.

But of course, we also understand that organizational experts exist, who prefer to keep an eye on several chemicals, dosing points, and inventories at all times instead of transitioning to our one-stop solution. Who would want to upset the balance that an established hygiene system represents with deliveries, hazardous chemical transport, and handling?

In short: We would like to upset that balance.

We bring simplicity to organizational chaos. proton-IQ® challenges the status quo that hygiene concepts must be multi-staged and complicated. We plan with our customers and offer "hygiene as a service", remaining in contact even after the transition or installation. But for those who prefer to embrace the chaos and bury themselves further in their lists, of course, this may not be suitable.  

We offer an easy, one-stop-solution.

construction scaled

5. "A switch always means renovation and stress"

The mere thought of transitioning to a new system component already gives some people a headache. It conjures up images of construction sites, space issues, and days without production. But don't worry, proton-IQ® is quickly integrated into existing processes. We plan in advance, the proton-IQ® SECURO system requires minimal space for its performance, and the existing infrastructure is usually sufficient. In most cases, proton-IQ® can be seamlessly installed in the existing water system without reconstruction or rerouting. 

The installation is evidence of our commitment to customer-friendliness. We proceed step by step, evaluate the needs of the customers, and tailor our installation processes so that the proton-IQ® SECURO system integrates almost seamlessly into the processes.

Our system is designed for minimal space requirements, making it applicable even in situations where traditional systems/concepts would fail. No renovations are necessary to accommodate the new proton-IQ® SECURO system.

While discussing the implementation with our customers, concerns about the transition dissipate.

The transition to an effective and sustainable hygiene process is a breeze with proton-IQ®, thanks to its simplicity and our planning.

well scaled

6. "But water already flows clean out of the tap, doesn't it?“

In a perfect world where reliably clean water comes out of the tap, the idea of decentralized water treatment with digital integration may seem a bit far-fetched. Traditional water treatment requires cumbersome installations and transport to the treatment site, which may not always be easily accessible for deliveries. So, what's the benefit of digital integration or decentralized treatment?

Digital integration

At Vision Green Solutions, digital processes are not just a buzzword but a way of life. The digital integration of the production plant enables predictive maintenance, digital monitoring of all crucial parameters, and immediate warnings if key thresholds are exceeded or not reached. This means that personnel don't have to be on-site permanently in hard-to-reach locations to monitor the system. This not only saves valuable working time but also allows for optimized and reactive processes.

Decentralised treatment

Businesses that are not connected to the municipal water network but source their water from wells or other water sources are responsible for their water quality. Water needs are not confined to urban centers and water networks but also apply to places without technical experts and large water treatment facilities. proton-IQ® offers a solution tailored to these conditions, easy to install on-site, and can be monitored remotely..

Good water quality become possible practically everywhere.

safety measures scaled

7. "Safety measures are fun"

Safety measures such as safety briefings and personal protective clothing are important and even fun? The delivery of chemicals and safe storage in a separate chemical warehouse is a breeze because there's more than enough space for it? Moreover, the unwieldy single-use containers are attractive, and you can't get enough of them? Have you ever heard of this? We haven't either.

In a world where handling hazardous substances has become the norm, it's refreshing that proton-IQ® requires no safety measures. It's produced on-site and automatically dosed into the system. Therefore, there is no storage, no need for single-use containers, which reduces waste, and we don't need a separate room to install the system. Although there is no reason for contact with proton-IQ®, contact wouldn't be a problem either. proton-IQ® is not a hazardous substance and, moreover, is skin-friendly.

proton-IQ® is as safe to handle as it is to use.

It might sometimes seem easier to rely on traditional hygiene concepts than to embark on the innovative path. However, as shown above, the innovative path is not necessarily rocky and difficult but can also be enjoyable.

If you want to find out more about proton-IQ®, for example what it can dowhy it is sustainable and 7 other things, you can do that in our blog.

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Header: Photo by James Lee on Unsplash
„Kein Problem“: Photo by Hayley Murray on Unsplash
„Läuft doch“: Photo by Daniel Fazio on Unsplash
„Keine Chemie“: Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash
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