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5 Challenges the drinks industry faces and how proton-IQ® helps master them confidently

The drinks industry faces multifaceted challenges which must be overcome. From hygiene requirements to sustainability concepts and energy management, the industry is not spared by any of this. But how can water treatment, disinfection and Vision Green Solutions help with these? Here are 5 challenges, you wont spend another thought on with the help of proton-IQ®.

1. Achieve and maintain sterility throughout the entire drink production process

That the entire production line needs to be sterile and stay sterile sounds trivial and obvious. And though it is obvious and indispensable, it is not trivial.

Within food production it is not uncommon that the product itself can bring unwanted bacteria and pathogens into the production line. Therefore contamination can happen at any point in the production that brings in new product streams. For example in the drinks industry a bottle could burst while being filled and the filled product itself delivers organic material and bacteria into the line. Bacterial growth needs to be stopped immediately, so that no contamination of the next steps is possible.

Water plays a vital role in all process steps in drinks production. It is not only the main component but also an important production component. Multi-use bottles are washed, the product is pasteurised, the one-use bottles are initially cleaned and much more with water. If this water does not start off hygienic, the bacteria will be transferred from one production step to the next and in the worst case scenario even get absorbed into the product. Then the product would need to be disposed of. Perfect hygiene of the process water is therefore imperative to the success of the production.

And this is where proton-IQ® comes in. The addition of proton-IQ® into the process water can ensure the hygienic quality of the water throughout the entire production.This is done without any additional dosing in the production line but with a depot effect of our disinfectant. The disinfectant that is not used up immediately remains in the water and will only be used when the need arises. The water stays hygienically clean throughout the entire process.

2. Optimised energy management

The food industry uses heat in many cleaning and disinfection processes. Through heat is effective in killing bacteria, yeasts and moulds especially without the use of chemicals and lifting fats and sugars from production machines, it uses a considerable amount of energy.

Running the same cleaning and disinfection processes at lower temperatures with only small amounts of chemicals will result in the same outcome. And the lower temperatures result in lower energy consumption and higher profitability.

proton-IQ® is exactly the chemical that will allow these processes to be run at lower temperatures, but with the same microbiological safety. This will save energy and costs.

3. Balancing act between hygiene requirements and product quality

The hygiene requirements in the food industry are high, so the product quality can be guaranteed. However meeting these requirements can have negative effects on the product quality if done incorrectly. The motivation to use harsh and aggressive means is high, to ensure hygienic sterility. But these means need to be administered precisely and be removed before the product comes into contact with them. This is done to ensure no trace of the chemicals will be in the filled product. For example after the multi-use bottles are cleaned with these chemicals they will be rinsed with large bodies of clear water.   

How does proton-IQ® change this? Laboratory results have shown that no traces of proton-IQ® were found in the product though the bottles were rinsed with process water which contained proton-IQ® . There is no transfer of it into the product. So the product quality can still be guaranteed.

In this context another bonus benefit that proton-IQ®brings is "one chemical for all". The production of the disinfectant has a byproduct, this can be used as a detergent in different procedures. This saves resources and products are sustainably produced. Which brings us to the next point.

4. Sustainability is growing in importance

The question how procedures can be engineered more sustainably is asked in many industries. Ressources are limited, one of which is badly strained is clean water, external procurement of disinfectant and cleaning agents create transport and storage expenses and the agents also need to be environmentally friendly, efficient and non-hazardous. So how to incorporate all of these things?

proton-IQ® is the solution to this question. The production takes place on site and on demand, therefore only creating only as much disinfectant and detergant as needed. This saves ressources. The only ressources that are needed are water salt and energy. proton-IQ® is non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and can be used without harming the product quality or the user. proton-IQ® can substitute all previously used disinfectants in all procedures. It is a solution for all areas of applications.   

5. Consumer friendly product expansion

The drinks industry is consumer orientated. Which is why reaction to wishes need to be quick. Many consumers are reaching for drinks with less conservatives or other added ingredients, like freshly squeezed juices. These drinks need to be filled in even more hygienic conditions and on top of that at room temperatures or cold. The products are heat sensitive and therefore cannot be sterilised by heat during the filling process. So a different solution is necessary.

A new filling technique is the so called aseptic filling. It takes place at room temperature but under aseptic conditions. These conditions are created in closed environments and proton-IQ® can help create them. It enables products like freshly squeezed juices to be filled into plastic bottles. The consumer orientated product expansion is implemented in no time.

Sustainable drinks production implemented quickly and cleanly

Water is not only the integral component of drinks, but is needed in nearly all processes in the production. To keep this water hygienically clean at all times plays the key role for the product quality.

Und that is exactly our specialty.

Image sources: Eeshan Garg on Unsplash; 1. Sterility: Photo by Vindemia Winery on Unsplash; 2. Energy management: Photo by Alessandro Bianchi on Unsplash; 3. Balancing act: Photo by Lacey Williams on Unsplash; 4. Sustainability: Photo by Goutham Krishna on Unsplash; 5. Product expansion: Photo by Eduardo Soares on Unsplash; Sustainable production: Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash

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