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2023 Meilenstein

The Year 2023 in Review

Milestones, Insights, Growth and Focus

The holidays are an excellent time to reflect on the past year. In the eventful year of 2023, we have achieved a lot and had much to celebrate. 

Our CEOs, Dr. Matthias Albert and Sebastian Wurtz, took the time to discuss the developments at Vision Green Solutions and provide us with insight into the company's exciting journey this year. 

As you look back on the year 2023, what special milestone is there to celebrate? 

M. Albert: A milestone was expanding from Germany to other European countries. We successfully accomplished this and were able to implement our drinking water projects in hygienically relevant areas: nursing homes and hospitals.

Hospital Belgium


Implementation of a proton-IQ® SECURO system in the drinking water system

Implementation of a proton-IQ® SECURO system in the drinking water system

Nursing Home Belgium


And aside from specific milestones, what are you most proud of?

S. Wurtz: How consistently we pursued our strategy in corporate development. From pilot projects with great partners in new application fields to building powerful distribution channels in the areas where we are already established.

Did you encounter challenges in 2023? 

M. Albert: The biggest challenge is that you cannot directly see hygiene or, more precisely, the lack of hygiene, and awareness of this issue is often weak. We will continue to raise awareness on this matter.

What insights are you taking into the new year? 

S. Wurtz: The need to focus absolutely on strategically relevant topics. We are a small team, so we need to use our resources as targeted as possible. Step by step, rock-solid, and professionally in the interest of our customers, rather than trying to do everything at once.

Can you share some insights from customer feedback... 

M. Albert: The feedback from our customers regularly shows us that delivering a holistic system is the right approach. In some cases, multiple parameters need to be optimized to fully realize the potential. 

...what exactly does this holistic approach entail? 

S. Wurtz: It's always important for us to think from the customer's perspective. What is relevant to them? What is the critical factor in this case, be it sustainability, occupational safety, or simply cost?

How would you describe the overall growth of our brand in 2023? 

M. Albert: Our partners and customers now approach us about various aspects of water treatment, which clearly indicates that our brand is already perceived as a competence in this field.

S. Wurtz: Yes, I find it amazing the external impact we have achieved. We are now contacted very regularly by interested parties, not only in Europe but also in South Africa and our third focus region, Egypt. Achieving all of this with our small team is quite exciting.

S. Wurtz (left) in Egypt

M. Albert presenting VGS at a symposium in Egypt

Is there still untapped potential for growth or improvement? 

S. Wurtz: There is always potential for improvement. Regarding growth, we believe in almost limitless possibilities. We want to explore new application areas, new regions, and new technologies. But clearly, with the necessary focus and step by step.

Team has been mentioned twice now. From a leadership perspective, how has the team evolved in 2023?

M. Albert: As a team, we have grown closer this year, getting to know each other better. This helps us in collaboration because we can rely on each other more easily.

In the context of sustainability and social responsibility, how does Vision Green Solutions contribute? 

S. Wurtz: Aside from the fact that our solutions are already very sustainable due to their environmental compatibility, and we strive for maximum resource conservation through demand-driven on-site production, we like to engage in our immediate social environment without making a big marketing fuss. We support local events, promote young sports talents, and as a team, try to remain open to diverse and heterogeneous influences.

Closing thoughts on 2023 

We are proud of the milestones we have achieved this year, whether it's successful pilot projects, the establishment of excellent distribution channels, or implementation on a global scale. Our innovative concept of a holistic, adaptable solution is well-received by customers, allowing us to stand out more and build trust with our customers and partners. In doing so, we do not lose sight of what it means to conserve resources and to follow our strategy focused step by step. We look forward to entering the year 2024 as a team. 

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