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Successful into 2024: Strategy and Goals

The beginning of a new year not only means reviewing the past (read up on our 2023 here) but also developing new goals and strategies for the future. We have taken advantage of the past weeks to set our course for 2024 and want to allow you a glimpse into our plans for this year.

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Trustworthy networks

Success thrives on strong partnerships.

Intensify and expand partnerships

Our proton-IQ® solutions are versatile and applicable in various fields and target industries. Each industry has its own requirements and success factors. Therefore, we continue to rely on strong partners with expertise in our focus segments and aim to establish new partnerships and develop existing ones further this year.

Our goal is to revolutionise the global water market together with partners who share and live our "Commitment to Excellence."

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New markets
further applications

Sustainable growth means expanding our own radius.

Northern Africa and the Middle East

In 2023, we laid the groundwork for expansion into the Middle East and North Africa, especially Egypt. We built networks and gained trust in the region. This year, our focus is to build on this foundation.

Integrated Customer Solutions

The fields of application for proton-IQ® are diverse, and the potential is far from exhausted. This year, we are focusing on industrial solutions for the food and beverage industry. We aim to provide our customers with the hygiene platform for the entire production process — sustainable, resource-efficient, and safe. Tailored innovative circular economy.

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As a Service

Service excellence is the foundation of our global commitment.

New service products and strategy

In line with our mission "Hygiene as a Service," we plan to significantly expand our service portfolio. Individual customer needs are always our priority. Whether it's our innovative hygiene subscription, new digital products, or usage-dependent service agreements, stay tuned for the exciting ideas we are already developing.

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Brand development and marketing strategy

Branding is not just a logo; it is the reflection of the company.

Further Define Brand Development

Our brand is not just a colorful logo; it is our promise of performance. Last year, we intensively examined our brand and brand values because we, as a company, have grown dynamically, and our brand has grown with us. This year, we want to convey this sharpening of our profile through clear communication internally and externally.


Internal processes and company culture

Our company's strength lies in the dynamics of our team.

Optimise resources and create transparency

Efficiency begins with ourselves. Clear assignment of responsibilities creates security and transparency, both internally and for our customers and partners. We want to define our roles even more clearly within the team, thereby optimally leveraging our individual strengths and as a team being more than the sum of our employees.

Clear and open communication

Communication is the backbone of our team and the basis for good cooperation with partners and customers. Especially as a globally connected company, we value open and transparent communication.

Looking ahead to 2024, it is clear that our focus will continue to be on the pillars of partnership, innovation, and sustainability. Stay tuned for what this means in detail.

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